Motor-Serv Global – has established Motor-Serv SA in offering all vehicle owners a subsidised and endorsed motor vehicle service plan in ensuring all vehicle owners drive well maintained and serviced vehicles on our South African Roads.

Benefits include:  

Reduced carbon emissions.

Correct disposal of Oil and contaminants that eventually filter into our oceans.

Correct recycling of non biodegradable engine components.



Benefits include: 

Reduced road carnage by improving vehicle safety.

Reduction of accidents caused by oil slicks on our roads.

Reduction in accidents caused by mechanical failure of motor vehicle engine parts.



Benefits include: 

Reduced fuel consumption.

Reduced engine wear and damage.

Reduced oil consumption.

Increased engine lifespan.

Reduces oil contamination in our oceans.

Increases driver , passenger and family safety on our roads.


Key Benefits For Complete Peace Of Mind

  • All vehicles under 3000 kg qualify for this plan (no restriction on vehicle age ,mileage or condition)
  • Servicing at any registered Manufacturing Agent (BMW – TOYOTA etc..) or RMI Approved Service Dealer
  • Servicing carried out as per manufacturers required (stipulated) service intervals as per service record book
  • Reduced fuel and oil consumption and increases vehicle lifespan
  • Increases Resale Value of your Motor Vehicle
  • The only Motor Vehicle Service Plan to offer unlimited mileage and unlimited years of servicing 
  • Including the added benefit of a Motor Aid  Mechanical Failure component Plan


Covers all Makes of Vehicles