About Us

Motor Serv was established in 2006 with the express intention of implementing innovative products within the motor vehicle service plan and car care industry. 

The innovative service plan offered by Motor-Serv is as a result of intensive research, both locally and internationally, with a broader spectrum view of creating a product that by far supersedes the limitations of existing motor vehicle service plans.

The result of this is the ULTIMATE and most AFFORDABLE motor vehicle service plan currently available on the market to any vehicle owner. 

The main differentiator between the Motor Serv Service Plan and competitive products is that we put no restriction on the age or the mileage of your vehicle. 

We also do not require any pre-inspection for your vehicle to qualify and your service plan will last for as long as you legally own your vehicle and keep on servicing your vehicle as per the required service intervals stipulated by the vehicle manufacturer.



About Our Service Plan 

The benefits of driving a well maintained serviced vehicle:

  • Reduce road carnage and accidents hence saving our lives and the lives of our children.
  • Reduce the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Ensure the correct disposal of oil and contaminants which eventually filters into our oceans which destroys our marine life.
  • Ensure safer roads by eliminating motor vehicle oil leaks and slicks on our roads which causes unnecessary accidents resulting in death of our loved ones.
  • Ensure the correct disposal and recycling of non biodegradable motor vehicle engine components.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Reduced oil consumption.
  • Prevention of future motor vehicle engine failure.
  • Reducing the amount of air pollutants from your motor vehicles exhaust system.
  • Add many more years to the lifespan of your motor vehicle.
  • Added resale value to your motor vehicle.

 The above is a few of the many ways that you can contribute in saving our planet and ourselves. We trust you will support our cause in purchasing a motor vehicle service plan and take the next step in ensuring your family, friends and colleagues are aware of the benefits of driving a well maintained, serviced motor vehicle.


About Our Service Plan Cover
  •  Engine Oil
  • Transmission Oil (top up)
  • Brake Fluid
  • Anti Freeze
  • Spark Plugs
  • Condenser (if required)
  • Points (if required)
  • Electronic Timing
  • Adjust Air Fuel Mixture
  • Oil Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Fan Belt (at required intervals)
  • Cam Belt (at required intervals)
  • Reset Service Lights (if required)
  • All parts including Service Dealer Labour Costs.
  • General Overall Safety Inspection and Report.






Cost of service Plan (Request Quotation Email: sales@motorserv.co.za)

Cost of Motor Aid mechanical Failure Plan (Request Quotation Email: sales@motorserv.co.za)

Extend your current motor vehicle finance (you need to negotiate this with your finance house

Finance the Service Plan with your next vehicle purchase

Monthly affordable payment (Contact us for more information) 

Our clients are advised that no cash payment will be accepted by any representative of Motor-Serv. Motor-Serv will not be liable for the loss of any cash payments made to its representatives. All cash deposits, bank transfers, EFT payments etc. must be effected by the owner of the service plan into the following bank account: (please use your vehicle registration number as your reference number) 

Acc Name:    Motor Serv (South Africa and Africa Only)

Bank:            ABSA (branch code 632 005)

Acc No.:        917 4055 790

Swift Code:   absazajj 


Acc Name:   Motor Serv USA LLC

BAnk name: Capital One Bank 

Acc No:        208 259 8629

Routing No: 0650 000 90



The Mechanical Breakdown Component covers all makes and models of vehicles

The table below indicates the aspects of motor vehicles that are covered under the mechanical breakdown component:

Components:                                   Benefit Level

Engine                                                                          R12000

Transmission                                                                R8500

Drive shafts/prop shafts                                        R3000

Differential (Transaxle)                                          R8500

Front wheel drive unit                                            R8500

Management system                                               R3000

Turbo assembly                                                          R3000

Steering mechanism                                                R3000

Braking system                                                           R3000

Overheating                                                                 R3000

Electrical components                                            R3000

Fuel system                                                                   R3000

Electronic ignition                                                     R3000

Cooling system                                                            R3000

Air conditioner                                                             R3000

Cambelt failure                                                            R2000

Clutch                                                                               R1000

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